We would recommend you rent a vehicle as it gives you the freedom and flexibility needed to move around

And for the most part, it’s safe and incident free and our roads in South Africa are of a high standard. Taxi's are not easily available and can take a while to arrive and renting a vehicle is not expensive. 

Below we have given some guidance points to set your mind at ease


It is compulsory to carry your driving license with you at all times in South Africa.

and in South Africa we drive on the left hand side of the road. Check to see if you will be required to get an international licence during your stay in South Africa

Toll roads

All toll roads are manned 24/7

Paying for toll roads is easily done with a Mastercard, Visa or cash and toll fees are R45 for a normal car, when driving down to Cape Town.

Driving on motorways

Keep left, pass right

Although it’s not the law, most motorists will pull over into the hard shoulder on long-distance roads, to allow faster traffic to pass them. If someone pulls over to let you pass, it’s customary to thank them by switching on your emergency indicators for about 2 - 3 flashes, and then typically the driver will respond by flashing his brights at you.

Breakdowns / punctures / accidents

Rental cars insurance

When renting a vehicle more than likely the rental company would offer you some road side assistance in the event of the above, which is something we feel you should consider to give you peace of mind whilst on your holiday

Talking on Mobile phones while driving

It is illegal and dangerous to talk or text whilst driving

This offence carries a hefty fine if caught.

Stopping at intersections / traffic lights

Called 'Robots' in South Africa

In the cities/towns, you will often get people coming up to your car, trying to sell you anything from fruit to clothes hangers to small electronics and cleaning materials. We do not suggest you open your window or purchase anything from these vendors.


As a general rule, it is always considered best to park in a multi-story or a shopping centre / store car park.

Most of these will be barrier-entry with a pay-by-ticket system, and will have security staff on duty in the car parks. Payment for these parking garages is usually at the entrance to the mall / shopping center by way of an auto pay station and they usually take credit cards and/or cash.

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