South African Power Supply

Most Modern electronic equipment has a voltage range of 110V - 230V.

In South African our power supply is 220/230 Volts AC 50 Hertz. This means that if your modern electronic equipment falls within these ranges as specified on the equipment, then there should be no problem to use your equipment in South Africa.

If you do forget your adaptor, then we will gladly assist you while you stay with us. You can also purchase the adapters usually at your international Airport.

South African Adaptor

Most plugs are 15 Amp 3-prong

There are South African adaptors like the picture, which allow the South African 5 Amp 2-prong plug to be used. This 2-prong is not the same 2 prong as is used in Europe.

Overseas Adaptor

To never run out of power

To ensure hassle free charging or use of your electronic devices we suggest to bring a multi adaptor like the one in the picture, which will have the 3-prong plug for South Africa and allowing all your equipment to be plugged in. Never letting your equipment die.

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