The informal economy is an important part of South African life; do what you can to help the hustle, but it is not advised to over tip and of course a tip is a gesture that you still can decide if you want to give or not.

In our economy staff do rely on tips, but we still feel they have to go that extra mile to deserve a tip.

Tips in Restaurants and Bars

Tipping in restaurants is customarily kept at 10% of the total shown on the bill, but for exceptional service you could go as high as 15%.

Your bill will normally always come with a pen and it is at this time you can put in the total including any gratuity. Be aware that some restaurants will add a 10% service charge to a bill if the number of guests exceeds usually six, so do check if this “Service Charge” is not reflecting on your bill before adding another gratuity.

Tips for Petrol attendants at Fuel Stations

We have petrol attendants at all fuel stations who will fill up your car for you.

They are required to wash the windscreen and offer to check oil, water and the tire pressure whilst the car is being filled. It is customary to tip the petrol attendant a few Rands (R2 – R5) if they wash the windscreen, and offer to check oil, water and tire pressure

Tips for Car Guards

This is a very unique to South Africa – a “car guard”.

They’re a ubiquitous force on the city streets of South Africa, waiting for you every time you open or close your car door. Either way, a few rand (between R2 – R5 depending on how long he/she has watched the car) will go a long way to making sure your wheels are in good hands while you’re off enjoying your holiday. So always keep lose change in your car for easy access so you don’t have to take your whole wallet out. Do be aware that you should not leave any valuables in the car even if there is a car guard watching your car

Tips for Shoe Shine

At Johannesburg international airport

The cost is R30 but could be a little more if you have boots. You can also give them a couple of Rand (R5) tip once he is done. They only take payment in cash.

Tips for Tour Guides and Drivers

Tourist guides and coach drivers are tipped at the end of the day.

On a group day tour (7 seater vehicle) there is usually a single driver/guide. On coach tours, you would normally have a driver and a guide. Recommended tip is usually R15.00 per person on a day tour.

Tips for Taxi

Tipping the taxi driver is customarily kept at 10% of the fare

Taxi are mostly paid in cash as not all the taxi's are able to take cards. If the driver has driven you nicely and is friendly then it is suggested to tip the driver a minimum of 10%

Tips at Intle Lodge

We want our guests to relax and not have to worry on a day to day basis

At the end of your stay you will be given an envelope and you can decide if you want to give a gratuity. All tips are split equally between the staff. You then just seal the envelope (with or without a tip) and put it in the box marked “tip box”. Guests in general tip 10% of their account.

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