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Most flights will come through Johannesburg International. This is the first port of entry into South Africa and this is where you will clear Passport Control and Customs.

All international airlines land at terminal A. Once you have cleared Passport Control, you will have to collect your bags (Even if you have checked them through to Port Elizabeth or Cape Town). You will be required to clear Customs in Johannesburg and if you have anything to declare, then this is the time to declare it. (also see our Customs section)

Once you have cleared customers there is a facility for those travellers who are travelling Business Class to go to the SAA Arrivals lounge to relax, have breakfast, coffee, drinks and/or have a shower. The facilities are really nice and clean and we would recommend if you are one of the lucky travellers that can gain access into this lounge, that you make a stop off. (There is also a smoking lounge and free wifi).

If you cannot get access to the lounge (or after you have visted the lounge), then you will proceed to check in for your next flight and this is towards the exit and if connecting with:

  • South African Airways & British Airways: After you cleared customs you will see the check in counter where you can drop off your baggage for your next flight. Once you have checked the bags you can proceed to Terminal B (domestic departures) to clear security.
  • All other airlines: After you cleared customs, exit out of the arrivals hall and proceed to domestic check, which is located at terminal B (domestic departures), to re-check your baggage for your next flight with the correct airline. Once exiting the arrivals terminal you will see official porters in bright orange shirts who will gladly assist you to the correct check in counter and carry your baggage for a nominal tip per bag.

There is limited free wi-fi at Johannesburg for 30 minutes or 50Mb in data which ever reached first.

After clearing security at the domestic terminal B you will again find lounges for those travellers who are in Business Class OR have Special Membership/Milage Status. The lounges are on the first floor and you will see the elevator after you cleareded the Security Check Point.

A suggestion depending on the shoes you are wearing, is to relax for a moment and sit back and allow the "shoe shine team" to give your shoes a nice shine. Cost for this is R30 (for normal shoes) and a tip is of course always appreciated. (Diners Club Card holders get the service for free)

Domestics departures Terminal is not that large and all the gates are within a 5 minute walk from security.

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