Sales TAX

Sales Tax, known as VAT (Value Added Tax) is included in the selling price at 14% on goods or services supplied if the vendor is a registered VAT Vendor.

All prices you see are including VAT (if applicable), regardless if the vendor is registered for VAT or not. So the Price you see, is the price you pay. There will be no additional taxes added at the cash register.

It is important to know if the vendor is VAT registered if you are wanting a Tax Refund as a tourist when leaving South Africa

VAT Refunds

If you want to claim back VAT, then you have to identify yourself as a foreign tourist to the shop assistant.

As Non-resident foreign passport holders, and South African passport holders who are permanently resident in an export country, on a temporary visit to South Africa are able to claim a VAT refund, provided that VAT was levied by the supplier, and the supplier is a VAT registered vendor. The correct paper work has to accompany the purchase like a proper tax invoice that complies with the requirements of the Scheme.

More info on vat refunds

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